If you live in Thornton Heath Rocket the black cat will be a familiar sight, as he is a favourite with customers outside the greengrocers on Brigstock Road.

The beloved moggie was stolen from Roberts Fruiterers near Thornton Heath station by a white man wearing a black tracksuit on Friday March 19 at 7pm.

Rocket is a neutered black male cat and is described as a much-loved cat. As you can see from these pictures he is quite distinctive and has a little bit of white fur on his chest.

His owner said on the lost pet website Pawboost.com: “We miss him and desperately want to find him. He is a beautiful friendly cat.” 

News of the theft prompted an outpouring of anger and sadness from shocked locals.

One mum said: “That’s horrible my kids are always trying to look for him when we go to nursery and the owners always friendly.”

Another resident said: “That’s awful, he’s been a feature of that stretch of Brigstock Road for so long now.”

A customer of the greengrocer’s said: “OMG I know this cat’s owner..it’s where I get my groceries. The cat is a very friendly and always stays around the shop or nearby but never far. It is a beautiful big cat. I hope he finds his way back or simply gets returned.”

Help find Rocket. Do you know the man who stole Rocket? Do you know who has Rocket? Have you been offered Rocket for sale? 

If you  took Rocket please give him back. Leave him at a vets so he can be returned to his rightful owner.

If you have any information whatsoever please contact Javid, proprietor of Roberts Fruiterers 50 Brigstock Road,  on 07456 877 888